Mackintosh’s developed an advertising strategy highlighting the uniqueness and high quality of their toffee.  Mackintosh’s toffee was “Delicious Beyond Description”, the “Purest of the Pure”. 

They used a distinctive red container for Toffee De Luxe, which can be seen held by the ballerina in the picture above.  This image dates to the 1920s.  It is taken from the back of a set of promotional playing cards.

The Mackintosh brand and the name Toffee De Luxe enjoyed such a high reputation that they sparked imitations.  This occurred from the earliest days of the company, leading to them taking out an advert in 1902 to address the problem “the great success which has attended these productions has tempted various Sweet Makers and Sellers to offer to the public feeble imitations of these Toffees under similar names and get-up”.  The advert further urged customers to accept no subsitute, for Mackintosh products “are generally admitted to be the standard of excellence in pure and delectable confectionery”.

The playing cards will be on display at Halifax Visitors Centre and Art Gallery from 28 July 2012.