By 1895 the demand for Mackintosh’s toffee was so great that production had outgrown their original pastry shop premises.  John Mackintosh had by this time taken warehouse space in Bond Street, Halifax, and opened the Mackintosh Steam Confectionery Works.  In 1898 they opened another factory on Queens Road.  This fantastic stained glass window came from the factory at Albion Mills and probably dates to the 1920s.

John Mackintosh named himself the “Toffee King”.  The company advertised heavily from the very beginning and emphasised the high quality of their toffee using the brand name Toffee de Luxe. The little girl in the window can be seen holding a tin of Toffee de Luxe, which was exported all over the world, and advertised as “the foundation stone of public favour”.

To learn more about the history of Mackintosh’s toffee visit Halifax Visitors Centre and Art Gallery from 28 July 2012, when the exhibition Toffee Town will be celebrating the history of confectionery manufacture in Halifax.