Did you know that Halifax is the home of modern toffee?  Until the end of the nineteenth century it did not exist as we know it today.  In 1890 Violet Mackintosh blended together the flavour of English toffee with the texture of American caramel to produce Mackintosh’s celebrated toffee, the world’s first modern toffee.  The Mackintosh’s sold it in their pastry shop at 53 King Cross Street, Halifax.

Chewable toffee proved so popular that by 1922 more than 20 confectionery companies were operating in the Halifax area, including Mattocks, Evercreme, Riley Brothers and Turner and Wainwright’s.  We think that this jigsaw was produced to publicise Turner and Wainwright’s, or “Turnwright’s”, in about 1912.  The back of the jigsaw has a lovely drawing of their factory, or “Steam Confectionery Works”, at Brookfoot Mills in Brighouse.

To find out more about the history of confectionery manufacture in Calderdale, visit the exhibition at Halifax Visitors Centre and Art Gallery from 28 July 2012.