detail of signature quilt


This image is taken from an embroidered quilt currently on display at Bankfield Museum and seems very appropriate to the current weather conditions!

The quilt was made by members of the Sunday School from Bethel Methodist New Connexion Chapel in Brighouse, in 1898.   This style of quilt is known as a “signature quilt”.  They could be used as a way of rising money for charity, with each person sponsoring a patchwork piece, or as a remembrance for a group of friends.  The text stitched into the centre of the quilt suggests that this example was made as part of the Sunday School’s Christmas celebrations.

detail of central panel


Each of the triangular pattern pieces was written or drawn on in ink, then embroidered using red yarn.  You can see many fantastic satirical drawings and jokes embroidered on the quilt, including caricatures and cartoons.

fashions for 1898 as featured on the quilt